Occupational Therapy

The unit of occupational therapy run by this organisation is another measurable impact activities which is conducted by Miss Fatema Khatun Bachelor in Occupational Therapy from National Institute of Orthopaedically Handicapped. Occupational therapy has its high need for the person with autism and associated sensory processing disorders. During these occupational therapy sessions, therapist usually cater the need of sensory inputs in the form of different occupational therapy protocol to improve visual, auditory, proprioceptive, tactile sensory integration.

Speech Therapy

The organisation has continued the program of speech therapy thrice a week for four hours per day. Mrs Papiya Chakraborty,  Bachelor in Auditory and Speech Language Therapist from NIOH usually conduct this program @ six session per day. This program usually covers therapeutic activities for auditory improvement and oro-muscular inputs, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment of communication disorders, cognitive disorders, voice disorders and swallowing disorders. This speech therapy program has high demand because of its visible impact and improvement of the beneficiaries. Our Speech therapy sessions help beneficiaries to overcome language impairment, communication difficulties, word finding and other semantic issues.

Psychology Counselling

Psychological counselling for the parent has its great outcome with subjective well being and quality of life. On the other part clinical psychology reveals the dysfunction and identify the extent of disability, true assessment on the important areas applying assessment tools and testing measures, interviews, review from past records, clinical observation, psychological examination. During this session psychologist measures certain specific kinds of cognitive function with measuring intelligence, memory, attention span, reasoning, visual perception.

Self Advocates' Day Out organised by Kalyani Life Institute on 5th January 2020. Self-advocates of different age group have gathered and enjoyed throughout the day with their caregivers, special educators and therapist.